Brand Concept



Business philosophy

Integrity, quality, innovation, efficiency

Integrity, quality, innovation, and efficiency are identified as business concepts, and integrity is one of the ethics of business operations, in order to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the basis for the company to establish a good image, so that customers can feel the integrity and sincerity of Parker. Customers will trust Parker’s marketing content and the product itself. And establish the concept of high-quality products, quality of survival, quality and development. Qualified quality is to fulfill social obligations, and excellent quality is a contribution to society. Relying on scientific and technological innovation to provide technical guarantee in operation, constantly innovating and upgrading products, and meeting the progress of the times and technological development in the fierce market competition. And in the market service center, actively organize and motivate the team to continuously strive for success, execution efficiency is fast and effective, and corporate goals can be achieved.


Management philosophy

People-oriented, management innovation

The corporate management philosophy is the guiding ideology and code of conduct for corporate management. People-oriented is one of the essential characteristics of corporate culture. Respecting employees, being kind to them, embodying humanistic care, and maximizing the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of employees are important principles of enterprise management and the purpose of enterprise management.


The innovative management mechanism is an effective support for management, which provides a fundamental guarantee for the optimal allocation of enterprise resources and enhancement of competitiveness. According to the new situation and changes in the market environment, combined with the company's development goals, various management systems should be improved and supplemented in a timely manner to improve the management level.


Service philosophy

Meet demand and drive success

In this process, Parker people have always played a vital role, helping Parker step by step to glory, advocating excellent customer service! It is inseparable from the hard work and sweat of the distributor colleagues who work with front-line employees and customers. In order to better achieve higher goals, in order to cope with the harsh economic crisis, Parker put forward the service concept of "meeting needs and promoting success", which aims to call Parker people to be customer-oriented and advocate customer-oriented guidance to promote customer success, Excellent customer service concept for self-success!