Imagination of Dreams




of Dreams

A good story will give impetus and passion to dreamers, and will add wings to the brain. The pioneers who founded Yantai Parker Petroleum Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd. are such explorers who have the courage to fly. From the entrepreneurship of Parker in the United States, under the guidance of founder Art Parker's entrepreneurial spirit, Parker has forged ahead on the road of development that includes setbacks and achievements. Today, Parker employees around the world are more encouraged to continue to improve customer productivity and profitability. Work hard.

Since he entered the lubricants market, he has used Parker's entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial spirit as a model, determined to become the world lubricant champion; first, cooperate with the world's strong brand Parker Petroleum, and hire Parker's technical elite to guide, for the future The development of the company has determined a strong and solid technical foundation; secondly, it has set up a high-standard testing center and R&D center for its own oil processing and production, collected a large number of domestic and foreign technical parameters, and selected API, SAE standards of the American Petroleum Institute , National GB standards are required to improve the specifications of oil produced.

Again, in order to ensure the quality of the oil, the original mineral oil from the United States is selected as the engine oil. A large number of scientific and meticulous experiments have been carried out for the role of the engine for lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, friction reduction, etc., pay attention to observe the oil of the oil The color and transparency are constantly changing, so that the oil is free of impurities, suspended solids, and precipitates. It has good fluidity and normal odor during shaking, and overcomes various difficulties. It chooses the best formula and puts it on the market.