Brand Culture



About Parker


Parker Petroleum Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd. is a professional lubricant manufacturer integrating research, development, production and operation. It is the only authorized manufacturer of Parker Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. in China. Facing the ever-changing global manufacturing industry and technology as well as the complex and changeable international political.



Parker Petroleum Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd. works with Parker Hannifen to make use of crude oil and petroleum from the United States.Yantai‘s port advantage, relying on Parker Hannifen’s leading technology to assist high-end manufacturing, will not be possible.

Continuous innovation leads intelligent manufacturing.




Parker Petroleum Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd. is continuously increasing investment in talents, scientific research, technology and marketing,Based on the rapid development of the company, combined with its many years of R&D and production experience, it has formed an extremely strict and stable production process that can produce a variety of high-spec and high-quality lubricating greases. The company's products cover automotive oil, industrial oil, antifreeze , Special oil for construction machinery and other petrochemical products, to provide consumers with high-quality lubricant products.



Guiding Ideology.


Based on the advanced theory of corporate culture construction, aiming at cultivating social,professional and family virtues of employees, enhancing the visibility, recognition, reputation and customer loyalty of enterprises, enhancing the cohesion, competitiveness and productivity of enterprises, we should adhere to the principle of people-oriented and fully implement the construction of corporate culture with lubricating oil characteristics, promote enterprise spirit and practice enterprise values.


Basic Principle.


 Enterprise culture model must be people-centered, fully reflect people's ideological and cultural awareness, throughthe full participation of all personnel in the enterprise, play a pioneering spirit, the enterprise can have vitality.

 The principle of seeking practical results. In order to construct enterprise culture, we must conform to the reality of the enterprise, the orientation of the enterprise, proceed from the reality and do not engage in formalism.

Principles of system operation. To a large extent, corporate culture is embodied in entrepreneur (group) culture and enterprise.



 The principle of highlighting features. The key to building a good corporate culture lies in highlighting the distinctive personality of the enterprise, pursuing distinctive characteristics, advantages and differences, and cultivating enterprises that meet the requirements of the era of knowledge economy and can promote the improvement of overall quality and healthy development of the enterprise and have their own distinctive characteristics culture.

The pursuit of excellence. To shape the corporate culture, we must adhere to the principle of excellence, so that companies and employees always feel that there is always a passion for excellence that motivates them, and exciting goals appear one after another, even when other companies are satisfied, the company Can still advocate innovation, keep pace with the times, relentlessly pursue perfection and first, thereby promoting the healthy development of corporate culture.


Corporate vision

Create Chinese Famous Brand, Outstanding World Product


It has the temperament and courage to compete with the world's advanced counterparts, and constantly strides towards the direction of internationalization and business integration; this requires the establishment of an international advanced level of management mode, system and mechanism; it needs to create outstanding business performance, asset return rate, net asset return rate, capital adequacy rate, asset quality and other operating indicators are among the world's first-class water.



Our Mission 

Work together, be brave to pioneer, promote science and technology, and be aggressive

Parker Petroleum Science and Technology (Yantai) is committed to the development of excellence goals, joining hands with world-class enterprises, creating synchronously, leading by advanced science and technology, focusing on the future, exploring the market with a positive attitude and methods to meet customer needs.



Core value

Sincere, positive, precise and realistic

Parker Petroleum Science and Technology (Yantai) always insists on taking sincere, dedicated and persistent service as the criterion of consideration, testing its work with the attitude of striving for perfection and seeking truth from facts actively, and serving as the fulcrum to realize the value of the enterprise. Do things with sincerity, concentration and perseverance, and do everything well in every day with a positive, responsible and pragmatic spirit; do things better, accurately and accurately, without errors.