Correct use and troubleshooting of oil products

 First introduce the structure of the internal combustion engine, its structure diagram is shown in Figure 2-2. Compared with this sketch, it is easier to understand the contents of the following chapters. Lubrication process: The internal combustion engine oil in the oil pan is pumped out by the oil pump, and the oil is sent to the piston, cylinder, rocker arm, camshaft, bearing bush and other parts for lubrication through the oil passage, and then flows back into the oil pan, continuously Circulating lubrication.

(1) Vehicle internal combustion engine oils
1. Can engine oil products be mixed with each other?
Motor oil products are classified into mineral oil type and synthetic oil type in terms of composition, and are divided into diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil and gasoline and diesel engine general oil in terms of performance. In principle, the same type of mineral oil produced by the same factory can be mixed. The SF grade oil can be mixed with the SG grade oil, but the different use properties are not allowed to be mixed. The SF oil is not allowed to be mixed with CD oil. The same general oil It can't be mixed with single performance oil. In addition, mineral oil type oil should never be mixed with synthetic oil. Oils from different manufacturers use one type and the same performance level. Due to the different raw materials used, to avoid adverse reactions, it is best not to mix them. Therefore, when the driver uses a certain oil product for a period of time and finds that there is little oil, and the same oil product is temporarily in short supply, some oil products of the same manufacturer and the same type can be added. Mixed use.