• PK-X7(B)

    • Fully synthetic engine oil (European super type)
    • 0w300w405w305w40 fully synthetic engine oil
    • Norm:This product meets and exceeds ACEAA3/B4API SN
    • Conform:MB 229.5/229.3/226.5, BMW LL01, PSAB71 2296/2300,RN 0710/0700,Fiat M2/Z2/N2/H2,WW 502.00/505.00WW 508.88/509.99
    • Greatly reduce oil consumption, unique configuration, bring excellent mute effect..

    American Parker Petroleum European super-strong fully synthetic formula production meets and exceeds the specifications and certifications of many European automakers. Under the certification conditions of the European standards, it also provides a quiet effect, fuel economy, and reduction of oil loss. Outstanding performance.

    Performance characteristics:
    The new PAO+ ester synthetic polymerization technology provides more comprehensive protection for the engine and greatly reduces oil loss
    Unique formula, bring excellent mute effect
    While enhancing dynamics, minimize fuel consumption
    Excellent phosphorus retention, protect the three-way catalytic converter
    This series of products completely surpasses the European standard, and tends to be European cars/luxury cars. It belongs to the current top oil product. While surpassing the European standard, it is also greatly enhanced in terms of silence, fuel saving, and lower oil consumption.