• ATF 3 1liters

    • Automatic transmission oil
    • 1liters
    • Norm:Standard Specification
    • Conform:Standards compliant
    • Excellent oxidation stability, thermal stability and detergency..

    Performance characteristics:

    Made with high-performance base oil and imported additives
    Excellent oxidation stability, thermal stability and detergency
    Excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and friction characteristics, so that the vehicle has a good shift feeling
    Excellent defoaming property to ensure effective transmission of motion
    Excellent low temperature fluidity and rubber sealing material 料 adaptability, effectively protect the sealing material 料 and prevent leakage
    Scope of application:
    Suitable for automobile power, automatic transmission system (automatic transmission), hydraulic transmission system
    Suitable for automatic transmission systems of construction machinery, power steering systems and other hydraulic systems