• PKJX-6 1 liters

    • 0W20/ 0w30/5W30 Fully synthetic engine oil (American energy-saving type)
    • 1 liters/4 liters
    • Norm:This product meets API SN/ ILSACGF-5
    • Conform:BMW LL01FE,PSA B71 2296, Ford WSS-M2C 913D/913C ,STJLR 03.5003, MB 229.6,RN0700,PSAB712301/2302
    • Extremely fast lubrication protection, long-term fuel economy..

    American Parker Petroleum strengthens the production of fully synthetic formula, PAO+ ester technology, four seasons, excellent low temperature start, extremely fast lubrication protection, and long-term fuel economy.

    Performance characteristics:
    Excellent high temperature resistance to ensure stable high temperature viscosity and provide protection for the engine
    Excellent low-temperature starting ability 力 to ensure instant start at low temperature and extremely fast lubrication
    Unique anti-friction characteristics provide long-lasting and effective fuel economy and extend oil change intervals