• PK JX-5(B)

    • Fully synthetic engine oil (general economical type)
    • 1 liters/4 liters
    • Norm:This product meets API SN ACEA A3B4 (5w40)
    • Conform:MB 229.5/229.3/226.5, BMW LL01, PSAB71, 2296/2300,RN0710/0700,Fiat M2/Z2/N2/H2,WW 502.00/505.00 WW 508.88/509.99
    • Superior performance, more stable performance..

    American Parker Petroleum's fully synthetic formula is designed and produced, with superior performance, more stable performance, suitable for a variety of environments and driving conditions, and provide more durable protection for modern engines.

    Performance characteristics:
    Fully clean, long-lasting release of engine power力
    Instant start, extremely fast lubrication, improve engine protection
    Strong anti-wear, reduce friction and lasting protection
    Excellent fluidity, effectively reducing fuel consumption