• L-HM46# 68#

    • Super anti-wear hydraulic oil 46# 68#
    • Standard content
    • Norm:Meets the JCMASHK、DenisonHF-O、Eaton、Cincinnati
    • Conform:JCMASHK、DenisonHF-O、Eaton、Cincinnati
    • Has excellent anti-wear properties and anti-emulsification properties..

    American Parker Petroleum optimized formula production, high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high pumping pressure 力, and good viscosity and temperature.

    Performance characteristics:
    It has excellent anti-wear properties, anti-emulsification, anti-rust properties, and provides excellent protection for hydraulic equipment
    It has good oxidation stability and long service life.
    Meet the specifications: JCMASHK, DenisonHF-O, Eaton, Cincinnati
    Scope of application:
    Suitable for most hydraulic oil pumps, mobile equipment, and other environments that require the use of advanced anti-wear hydraulic oil.