• HM-VG46#

    • Super synthetic anti-wear hydraulic oil
    • Standard content
    • Norm:Meets the JCMASHK、DenisonHF-O、Eaton、Cincinnati
    • Conform:JCMASHK、DenisonHF-O、Eaton、Cincinnati
    • Super high pressure, high abrasion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance..

    American Parker Petroleum enhanced formula production, ultra-high pressure, high abrasion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance, serving large-scale high-pressure equipment.

    Performance characteristics:
    It has excellent anti-wear properties, anti-emulsification, anti-rust properties, and provides excellent protection for hydraulic equipment
    It has good oxidation stability and long service life.
    Good rubber adaptability, effectively protect the sealing material 料 and prevent leakage
    Scope of application:
    Suitable for mobile/outdoor hydraulic components, especially for precision hydraulic systems, such as control machines, shovel carts, machine tools, injection molding machines, cranes,