• API CI-4(A)

    • Diesel engine oil (enhanced)
    • 5w4010w3015w4020w50 4L18L
    • Norm:Meet specifications ACEAE7/E4 API CI-4
    • Conform:Meet specifications ACEAE7/E4 API CI-4
    • Strong power, no oil, quieter than similar products, fuel-efficient

     It is suitable for various high-grade diesel engines with high clean and low emission requirements at home and abroad, and is suitable for the use of urban heavy-duty public transportation vehicles and passenger vehicles

    Triple protection: anti-wear, detergency, anti-corrosion

    Unique formula, effectively reduce oil loss, excellent silent effect

    Superior fuel economy, greatly reducing operating costs

    The combination of enhanced anti-wear additives and excellent detergency reduces wear and extends engine life

    High temperature resistance, improve long-lasting lubrication, prevent oil thickening

    Excellent alkali retention performance, can effectively prevent engine corrosion.