• API CF-4(A)

    • Gas dedicated
    • CNG/LNG 15w4020w50
    • Norm:Standard Specification
    • Conform:Standards compliant
    • Effectively keep the engine clean, extend the filter life...

     American Parker Petroleum enhanced formula production to effectively keep the engine clean, extend the filter life and reduce maintenance costs; provide good running-in protection for new engines, reduce component wear during engine use, and reduce engine linings from scratches when subjected to heavy loads ; Effectively extend the oil change period, reduce coking and coking on the top of the piston; reduce the corrosion and wear of engine components, and extend

    The safe operating cycle of the equipment and the service life of spare parts.
    Performance characteristics:
    This product has excellent high temperature oxidation stability, moderate sulfate ash content, and excellent lubricity
    .Super long service life, effectively extending the oil change interval
    Scope of application:
    Mobile engines that use compressed natural gas for combustion such as buses and trucks equipped with 100% natural gas transmitters