• API GL-5(B)

    • Synthetic vehicle gear oil
    • 75W-90: 2L4L , 80W-90: 4L18L , 85W-90: 4L18L , 85W-140: 4L18L
    • Norm:Standard Specification
    • Conform:Standards compliant
    • High-quality gear lubricants with excellent performance

    American Parker Petroleum enhanced formula production is a high-quality gear lubricant specially formulated for heavy-duty tail shafts and rear axles that require extreme pressure and impact load conditions, with excellent performance.

    Excellent high temperature stability and high temperature oxidation resistance
    Effectively prevent low-speed/high-torque wear and scratches during high-speed operation
    Excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability 力 suitable for lower (high) temperature operating environment
    Excellent shear stability, maintain lubricating oil viscosity and effectively control sludge formation
    Scope of application: Suitable for the lubrication of the drive shafts (front and rear axles) and part of the gearbox gears of various automobiles, especially the lubrication of vehicles equipped with hypoid gears.